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10 things missed during lockdown

Hey buddy, If you are reading this post I hope you are safe and staying at home to help fight our country to come out of this pandemic.
Well, If you have clicked on my post that means you are definitely missing many things during lockdown. I am here to share 10 things missed during lockdown and am sure you would relate to me.

10 things I missed during Lockdown

  1. Mumbai Local
  2. Hanging out with friends
  3. Street Food
  4. Summer trips
  5. Mumbai Traffic
  6. Cricket
  7. College
  8. Native place
  9. Family outings
  10. Dressing

After reading this list, I bet many memories flashed in your mind.
I miss…

1)Mumbai Local

Before lockdown, I used to hate waking up early. Running behind the train,catching the same train everyday so that my professor doesn’t scold me . But now I miss my local .
I miss people addressing me as a “station name “.
Platform announcement ” pudhil station Dadar”
Huge rush in local as now I am tired of seeing the same 3 faces.

2)Hanging out with friends

Handshakes and hugs full of love, care and a sign that “meet you soon” the other day . I remember the last we met , never imagined, we couldn’t see each other for months .
Making movie,shopping and trip plans which are ultimately going to cancel.
Bunking lectures to have Cutting Chai and idli vada.

3)Street Food

Mumbai is incomplete without Vada pav with over 50,000 stalls selling this treat .
It’s worth a trip to Mumbai to just have a bite of this spicy and crispy vadapav. Don’t miss it!
Pav Bhaji,Dahi Puri and Ragda Pattice at CMST Station.
Masala cheese Toast sandwich at church gate.
Falooda in Mahim.

4)Summer trip

You must have planned a trip in this summer even I did but it went into trash.
I miss…
Zest to explore new places .
Hunger to try their native cuisines.
Relaxation and fun during this time .
Making new friends.
Making memories for life.

5)Mumbai Traffic

Late night drives with music on!
Using scooty even for short distances.


Cancellation of the most awaited IPL 2020 was a shock for cricketing fans.
This time RCB was surely going to win.
Crowds in the stadium .
Strategic time out .
Funny fights with friends to support our favourite team.
Most memorable catches.


College has become our life not bcoz of studies but friends.
Bunking and sleeping during lectures.
Assignments- definitely not missing.
College canteen.
Non Academic Fests.
Cancellations of exams was the only good news in 2020.

8)Native place

Visiting grandparents was the best thing during summer holidays, their love, care and learning new things from them.
Playing with cousins whole day .
Relaxation from the everyday life.

9)Family Outings

Dinner dates with parents or family is time where we share about our life. Times where bonds become even stronger.
Outings to celebrate our achievements.


During lockdown , we dress up casually. I realized we dress according to situation.
We dress up to go out,because it makes us confident.


Well guys, I finally conclude the topic, stepping out of house has become a dream. What did you majorly missed during lockdown? Do comment in the comment section below.
I would be back next week with more interesting topic. If you want me to write on particular topic do mention in the comment section below.

Stay tuned!

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