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Colours Psychology : How does colours impact learning behaviour?

Colours impact on Learning behaviour

Do you think colours affect your learning ? or Do you think colours impact your learning behaviour?


Then why do we have

  1. Rainbow
  2. Traffic Signals
  3. Warning signs

This makes us think that the diversification of colours has always impacted our learning. Colours are used to symbolize and even as a reference materials.

Seven specific combination of colours symbolizes a Rainbow.

3 colours in traffic signals help us regulate road traffic.

Red or yellow warning signs makes you alert. Hence, learning colours diversification has always impacted your behaviour towards to nature or life .

Learning a new thing is tough to understand. Many researchers are finding ways to combat this issue :

Colours impact on learning behaviour: Psychologists point of view.

Some researches conlcude that making an optimal utilization of colors can play as a key element in building a good environment for learning.

So you must be wondering that how can colours help in building a learning environment.

Let me tell you , there are various different questions in relation to this like:

  1. Which colours help learning ?
  2. What colours might be distracting or annoying to learners?

That is what we are going to learn in this blog.

Have you ever wondered what colours are?

Would you be surprised if I tell you that

  1. colour is a part of electromagnetic spectrum.
  2. a purest form of energy
  3. wavelength having its own magnetic frequency.

There is a more interesting surprise for you about colours and its connection to brain.

  1. Colours can affect neurological pathways in the brain.
  2. it even creates biochemical response.

This makes it clear that there is a science of colours , which we have never wondered and it is quite underrated. This phenomenon of science and colours made me curious about

  1. how colours affect our brain.
  2. which combination of colours can help in better understanding by the brain and influence learning.
  3. why choosing a colour wisely will prove advantageous to your work.
colours impact learning behaviour

What types of images do you prefer the most?

  1. Colourful Images
  2. Black and White

Psychologists have found that people remember colourful images more than the black and white ones.

Even it would be interesting to know that if you show someone an image with reddish grass then there are hardly any chances that they would remember the image.

This is because our visual memory system is tuned in such a way that we remember things with their natural colours such as

  1. a sky is always blue
  2. Strawberries are red
  3. a Green Grass

This concludes that we have colour fixed in our mind about certain natural things so it may feel weird if we see an image of reddish grass and may not remember it.

So this gives a clear cut idea that we have to present an image or a visual , keeping in mind the viewers visual memory.

While advertising, bright colours might be catchy to someones eyes but in a long run you have to focus on colours which go best with the viewers memory.

So here we are going see the nature of some colours and How they can they help you make a productive choice.

GREEN symbolizes

  1. Concentration
  2. Improves Focus
  3. Improves Efficiency
  4. Clarity
  5. Calm
  6. Restfulness
colours impact learning behaviour

A experiment was conducted by a school where 100 students performed a task, where they were given a series of numbers on a computer screen but were told to not press an enter key whenever 3 appeared.

After 10 minutes they were given a break and were told to look at the roof during the break time. A group of 50 students had green roof, while the other 50 students had a usual roof over them. In the second part of the task, they were told to perform the same task.

Results of the task showed that group A students means the one who had a green roof over them performed better than the other group in the second round. This implies that green colour improves focus, concentration and makes our mind calm. Thus green colour impacts your learning behaviour.


colours impact learning behaviour

Can you give me any example of orange colour in nature?
Sun setting over the horizon. Beautiful view isn’t it? Whenever I see sunset I feel relaxed and happy irrespective of whatever happened during the day
So dont you feel ORANGE colour can be considered as a mood lifter.

According to some research orange can be viewed as a welcoming and a mood lifter colour for learners, which in turn promotes comfort and improves neural functioning.

Environment rich in orange colour increases the oxygen supply to brain. As there is an increase in the oxygen supply, ultimately we feel energized and develop a DO IT NOW attitude.

Do you know why test centres are painted orange?
Orange stimulates critical thinking and memory , hence test centres are usually orange in colour.

In a presentation orange emphasizes a piece of content and attracts learners attention. Use orange to highlight information because of its energy and brightness.
Tip: Avoid bolder orange colours.
Use orange in smaller doses.

In this way orange impacts your learning behaviour.


Blue is best used for learning situations, which are challenging and also for promoting your thought process.
Here are some of the productive uses of blue colour

colours impact learning behaviour

Blue also helps you improve your reading skills. For better use the following things in blue colour:

Shades of blue and behaviour
Blue colour is relaxing and calming to your eyes.
The Lighter shades are friendly and darker ones are little more somber.
Psychologist recommend blend of blue and orange colour for highlighting facts and information.

A too much of blue colour can also create a sense of detachment, so use your colours wisely.


We conclude that colour is fundamental to human life. An optimum choice of colour in every sphere of life helps you to be more productive, balanced, and focussed in life.

Hence do not neglect colours and wisely use them in your journey of life as colours do impact your learning behaviour. We @curiouschunk.com uncovers stuff you have always wondered about. Stay tuned for our next interesting and informative blog.


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