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Hey guys, I am going to share somethings which will increase your curiosity.
Have you ever thought about when were flush toilets invented? Well you would be surprised to know that they existed since 2500 B.C.E . Lets find out about 5 such innovations.

I was always been excited about WHY chewing gums were invented? HOW people designed their flush toilets? WHO was the first lady to apply a lipstick? When was the first button put on a shirt?
So these questions forced me to discover some facts about them.

Television is the new chewing gum
By Frank Lloyd Wright
Chewing gum is most popular in America but the practice of chewing a gum dates back to Europe.
Thousands of years back a resin from the mastic tree were chewed by ancient Greeks,the ancient mayans were chewing chicle which is a rubbery sap from the sapodille tree.
In 1848 an American sold his ‘spruce gum’ commercially which was then replaced by gum made from paraffin wax.
In 1891 the first modern day chewing company came into being which is today’s largest chewing gum manufacturing company-Wringly Company (US).
They created a sweetened and flavoured chewing gum by adding corn syrup , sugar and peppermint .
Boomer is India’s top chewing gum selling company.

“You can’t keep changing your men, so settle for changing your lipstick”
By Heather Locklear
Womens started using colours to their lips to make themselves attractive around 5000 years ago . The first evidence of lipstick comes from Mesopotamia it was made up of crushed semi-precious jewels which was applied on eyelids and lips.
Some experiments of lipsticks using red dye from seaweed,mixed with iodine and toxic bromine compounds resulted in illness or even deaths.
In 1915 Maurice levy invented the first modern day lipstick through a sliding tube which was 5cm long.
Movie stars and other famous personalities worked as medium for lipsticks to reach the common people.


Some come to sit and think and some to just shit and stink
Mobile , Internet, computers are one of the greatest inventions of all time but are nil in front of ‘the toilet”.
Indus valley was the first to develop toilets flushed by water.
Indus valley developed the modern way of toilets which was accompanied by plumbing,a toilet with a seat, the waste was borne away by water in a sewer system.
Indus valley used this structured system from about 3000 to 1700 B.C.E
Romans were so innovative that they constructed a toilet when they were travelling.
In 1885 ,the first all ceramic toilet appeared designed by China, it was one piece, U shaped , had an outflow pipe.

In the early years buttons were used for decorations on clothes rather than fastening them.
Greeks were the first to introduce the idea of using buttons to fastening clothes.
Buttons have been attached to clothing since 5000 years.
Button derives from French word bouten meaning ‘to push’.
In the sixteenth century buttons were made up of precious gems and diamonds and in 18th century they were crafted from ivory and glass .
London’s Kings and Queens costumes were covered with mother of pearl buttons but they lost their worth when they coincided with huge cargo of buttons that arrived from Japan.
Resulting today that buttons are made up of plastics.

“One who sits between two chairs may easily fall down”
4800 years ago man invented man invented a simple way of resting without using floor those were simple backless seats which we today call as stools.
Stools were an art form for ancient Egyptians , their craftsman also fabricated folding stools.
In the third dynasty Egyptians gave a back to support the seated person in an upright position, they soon arrived with high back chairs.
As an art form chairs were even painted to give an appearance of animal skin.
In the era of New kingdom (1540-1070 B.C.E), Arms were added to the chair.

So I hope you got the information about some everyday items which are much older than you think.I hope you liked it.If you want to know more about such innovations do let me know in the comments section.
If you want me to write about a particular topic, do mention in the comment section. I will be back with more interesting topics next week.
Stay tuned.

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