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Well, Maharashtra is famous for its festivals. They bring happiness to our lives.
Festivals bring joy in family. They bring family together. It’s a period of relaxation . We get holiday from work.
Festivals for me is wearing new clothes, meeting relatives and enjoying. It is the time we share many things with our family . We get know about their likes and dislikes. It’s the break from our daily routine and we enjoy the most. These are the 10 famous festivals of Maharashtra

In this blog we are going to learn 10 famous festivals of Maharashtra
1) Gudhi Padwa
2) Vatta Purnima
3) Naga Panchami
4) Narali Purnima
5) Raksha bandhan
6) Ganesh Chaturthi
7) Navratri
8) Diwali
9) Makar Sankranti
10) Holi


• Gudhi Padwa is the new year in Maharashtra.
• It is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra Month which is the beginning of Hindu Calendar.
• The word Padwa in Sanskrit means the first day of lunar Fort Night.
• A gudi is erected on the top of our house to symbolize victory.
• Special dishes are prepared on this day like shreekhand, puranpoli, gulabjamun etc.

• Vat Purnima is also called as Vat Savitri.
• This festival is performed by a married women for her husband in various parts of Maharashtra.
• This is a ceremony where women tie a thread 7 times around a Banayan Tree.
• This belief is based on the story of Savitri and Satyavan as narrated in Mahabharta.
• On this day, women dress in beautiful sarees and jewelery.
• They fast for a day and offer 5 fruits to banayan tree.

• Nag Panchami is day to worship snakes and at some places real snakes are also worshipped.
• People perform fasts and fed Brahmins.
• Snakes are worshipped with milks, flowers and sweets.
• The history of Naga Panchami dates back to Mahabharta when a yagna was performed by Janamejeya as an revenge for his fathers( Parikshita) death. His father was killed by King of snakes Takshaka. This Yagna killed many snakes so gods got worried about this, so they sent Astika daughter of Mansadevi to appeal Janamejeya to stop this yagna. Impressed by Astikas knowledge of sastras Janamejeya stopped this yagna. This day was then celebrated as Nag P anchnami.

• Narali Purnima is majorly celebrated by fisherman.
• They prepare a sweet coconut rice on this day.
• This day is the end of rainy season in Maharashtra and also the beginning of new fishing season.
• People celebrate this festival by singing and dancing.
• Naral is called as coconut , people offer coconut to sea as a form of worship, so that it could protect them while fishing.

• Rakshabandhan is celebrated in India and other parts of Indian subcontinent.
• It is the day to symbolize the strength of bond between brothers and sisters.
• On this day every sister ties a rakhi around her brothers wrist.
• It’s a promise by her brother to always protect her in any situition.
• Rakshabandhan is celebrated on last day of the month of Shravana.

• Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated at a large scale all over Maharashta.
• Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Vinayak Chaturthi.
• Modak is favourite sweet of Ganeshji.
• In cities like Mumbai and Pune Ganesh Festival is celebrated around 10 days in big pandals.
• Sarvajanik Ganesh festival was started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak.
• Ganesh Festival truly brings people together.
• Ganesh Visarjan is really difficult for Ganesh Bhakts as we feel like a member of our family is departing.

• It is celebrated for 9 nine days followed by Dashera.
• Navratri is celebrated all over India majorly in West bengal,Rajastan,Gujrat, UP,Bihar , Maharashta .
• It is a festival of offering prayer to Durga Ma.
• This Festival shows the power and strength of Women .
• All men, women and children enjoy those nine days by playing garba and offering puja.

• This is my favourite festival as we get long holidays.
• Diwali is regarded as festival of lights and sweets.
• Preparations of Diwali start one month prior by cleaning our houses, shopping for clothes and sweets ingredients.
• We prepare majorly six types of sweets at our home those are Karanji, Chakli, Besan Ladu, shankarpali, chivda and anaras.
• This is celebrated for 6 days Vasubaras Dhanatryodashi Laxmi Pujan Govardhan Puja Bhaubeej

• It is celebrated in the month of Paush according to Hindu calendar which mostly appears in the month of January.
• Makar Sankranti usually falls on 14th or 15th of January.
• We enjoy Makar Sankranti by flying colourful kites.
• In maharashta TilGul is distributed to family members , relatives and neiighbours ton enhance that sweet strong bond and let go bitter past things.
• Married women in Maharashtra wear black sarees and invite other womens for Haldi Kunku.

• Holi is celebrated for 2 days . One is Holi pujan and the other day is dhulivandan.
• It is the Festival of love and is celebrated almost all over the world.
• Celebrations start with lighting up the bonfire .
• This day is about colour which itself brings al lot of joy and enthusiasm.
• It starts in the month of Purnima in the month of Falgun.


A year with these 10 and many bring a lot of joy to our lives . It is all about fun and relaxation with our loved ones. This festivals give a lot of energy for our furthur daily/work routine.
I will be back again with a more enjoyable next week .


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